Who is The Greatest Indian After Mahatma Gandhi

Who is The Greatest Indian After Mahatma Gandhi?

Based on an internationally acclaimed format by BBC held in 22 countries, the initiative is to select that one great Indian after Mahatma Gandhi who is the most influential, iconic & inspirational and has impacted your life.

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The Greatest Indian after Mahatma Gandhi
The Greatest Indian is a poll launched by HISTORY TV18 & CNN IBN which is set to trigger a national debate on the one question, "Who is the greatest Indian after Independence?" The show format is based on a path-breaking series featured on BBC called ‘The Greatest Briton’. Launched in 2002 in the UK, the initiative reached out to millions of viewers and broke significant viewership records there. An astounding 21 countries have successfully adopted this format since then, and it now promises to create History here in India too!



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