Facebook amongst the 15 most hated companies in US : Business Insider report

Facebook has, over the course of its existence gone on to become one of the most popular platforms that is there to help scores of people connect and share bits of their everyday lives, and its 800 million stronghold is just an extension of that thought.

However, pressing issues pertaining to user privacy and child safety on the social network have now led it to feature on The 15 Most Unliked Companies In America list, Business Insider now reports, painting a contrast picture.

Though social networking is an integral part of people's lives, developments over the past few months have drawn considerable ire and have triggered a lot of debate.

Another sore point has been Timeline. It presents your entire Facebook history, as well as any personal history you choose to put in, in a chronological order. However, according to a study done by IT security and data protection firm, Sophos, 51 per cent of Facebook users are concerned about the Timeline feature.

Sophos, in its study found that there are concerns that the additional information that other users have access to and the greater ease to access user information will make it easier for identity thieves and stalkers to get information, which they can then abuse.

Sophos conducted a poll of more than 4,100 random respondents from various parts of the world on their opinion of the new Timeline feature. The key findings of the study were:

- 51 per cent of users are worried about the new Facebook Timeline feature

- Only 8 per cent of users like the new Facebook Timeline feature

- 8 per cent of users say they will get used to it

- 32 per cent say they don't know why they are still on Facebook.

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