Ampio Pharmaceuticals ( NASDAQ: AMPE ) moving higher,

Ampio Pharmaceuticals ( NASDAQ: AMPE ) stock jumped more than 30% to $5.16 and touched an intraday high of $5.50. There was not specific announcements from the company regarding any developments. Up move might last if there might be an insider news or announcements, that might come later today or tomorrow. Traders should follow it closely for a momentum trade.  Last development news from company was on June 11 2012, when company has announced a positive clinical trial data for its drug Optina used in Diabetic macular edema. Read below

Ampio Pharmaceuticals Inc announced that it's CRO has completed analysis of the primary end point in the Optina clinical trial for DME conducted at St Michael Diabetes Hospital in Toronto Canada. The primary end point for efficacy was central subfield retinal thickness as measured by Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) and reported in microns. The study was double masked and included 32 patients with moderate to severe diabetic macular edema (range 316-707microns) that were treated orally with either placebo or one of three doses of Optina. Central retinal thickness and retinal volumes were measured at baseline and at four and 12 weeks of treatment. The results confirm a significant interaction between the patient's body mass index (BMI) and efficacy at the different doses of Optina. For higher BMI (BMI=35) patients, higher doses of Optina were more effective and for lower BMI (BMI=26) patients, lower doses were more effective. The improvement of efficacy by adjusting the dose to the BMI is in agreement with both in vitro data as well as with the known strongly lipophilic nature of Optina. At one of the low doses, regardless of BMI, there was a reduction of the subfield central retinal thickness of approximately 20% at four and at 12 weeks, which was statistically significant from placebo for the higher BMI group (p = 0.01).
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