Sensordrone, a gadget to sense your environment through any sensor app of

Introducing the Sensordrone — Your Personal Sensor Assistant –Tricorder and Bluetooth Interface Between your Physical & Virtual Worlds

What is Sensordrone?

The Sensordrone is a programmable multi-sensor platform that dramatically extends the sensing capability of your smart phone or tablet computer. The Sensordrone uses Bluetooth to communicate data from several useful internal sensors as well as other hardware devices connected to the Sensordrone’s external conector. All this functionality from a small device that you can attach to your key-chain!

Your phone can sense motion, but it can’t sense the environment like the Sensordrone, i.e. sense and measure toxic gases, air quality, temperature, humidity, barometric pressure, light, color, help you hang your pictures on the wall, tell you when you drank too much and more…

In this intro video, the Sensordrone’s precision gas sensor is used to measure alcohol content above beakers of beer and whisky. Then, the Sensordrone’s color sensors are used to measure the color of the 2 drinks. Raw data is streamed to an android Phone. If you are a developer, imagine what kind of applications you can develop with a suite of new sensors.

Designed to be Simple

Everything is included in the Sensordrone's sleek & compact metal/plastic housing. No configuration is required. Just run an app, and it works. There are no switches or dials to adjust. You don't have to buy new sensors to do anything shown in the video. Just run an app. Truly a major extension of your mobile device, everything is controlled by the app. Here are just 6 apps that are already running with our Sensordrones.

Sensors to Make Your Life Better

Sensordrone is a sensor computer.

Just like a computer can run many different applications, Sensordrone can run many sensor applications. And, just like the best computers using the best processors, we put the best sensors available into Sensordrone, including our own sensors.

If you have a Sensordrone, you can run apps on your tablet or smartphone to monitor carbon monoxide and air quality, find gas leaks, measure your child's temperature, log the weather, and much more.

For example, apps using the capacitance sensor can work as a stud finder, a proximity monitor, or a liquid level monitor. Apps using the pressuresensor can work as a barometer, an altimeter, calculate elevation differences so you can measure the height of a building, be hooked up to a pressure cuff to work as a blood pressure monitor, and more. Humidity sensing is not just for weather, it determines comfort level for infants, finds the optimum conditions for storing foods, and could even helpprevent mold from growing in your home

Sensordrone makes any sensor application as easy as running an app!

If you've ever wanted a Tricorder like in Star Trek, this is a step in that direction. If you join the Sensor revolution, this is how your smartphone can look soon.

Its only limit is your imagination.

More Than Just Data

The sensors in Sensordrone don't just give you data, they guide you to smart decisions. Sensor apps will teach you, help you, and guide you. You'll be informed enough to demand action. For example, the carbon monoxide sensor will measure carbon monoxide, but combine that with an Air Quality Index guide, and you'll get much more information than just a number.

Carbon Monoxide Air Quality Monitor + Guide
Connect & Share
The Sensordrone can give you data anywhere you go. Maybe you'll find a gas leak or a polluted area and want to share that information with your colleagues. Maybe you'll use it as a breathalyzer after having too many drinks and it will automatically have your phone call a designated driver. Since the Sensordrone is essentially an extension of your internet connected smartphone or tablet, you can easily share vital data via your preferred web service. This includes Twitter, Facebook, sensor sites like Pachube, and much more.

3 Modes of Operation:

You'll have full control over the Sensordrone, like LED colors and timing, which sensors are on, how often to collect data, and when to transmit the data.

1. Call-Respond Mode - (just give me the most recent data now).

2. Streaming Mode - (keep sending real-time data.)

3. Data Logging Mode - (store data in memory until called upon, then download and export to a .csv file)

Application examples:

Air quality
Breath alcohol
Color matching
Non-contact thermometer
Weather monitoring
Crowd sourced Sensor Data
Games (totally new concepts)
Flatulence (use gas sensors for both serious and not so serious measurements)
Totally new applications/Multi-sensor mayhem!

Technical Details:
The Sensordrone has all the sensors your phone doesn't have. It is meant to extend your mobile devices capabilities, not duplicate them (so we didn't include motion or magnetic sensors which are common in phones/tablets)

Included Sensors

Precision Electrochemical Gas Sensor - Calibrated for Carbon Monoxide (Also can be used for precision measurements of Alcohol, Hydrogen, and others)
Gas Sensor for Oxidizing Gases - MOS type for Chlorine, Ozone, Nitrogen Dioxide, etc.
Gas Sensor for Reducing Gases - (MOS type for methane, Propane, alcohols, other hydrocarbons, etc.)
Temperature - Simple resistance temperature sensor type
Pressure - can be used for Barometer, Altimeter, Blood Pressure, etc.
Non-Contact Thermometer - Infrared sensor for scanning object temperature
Proximity Capacitance - fluid level, intrusion detection, stud finder & more applications
Red Color Intensity
Green Color Intensity
Blue Color Intensity
Illumination - combine RGB & illumination for color matching
Digital & Analog Interface - Expansion connector for connecting anything you want to your mobile device through the Sensordrone


Anybody can connect any device/hardware project to the Sensordrone via a standard 0.1” pitch header, supports digital (RS-232, I2C) and analog signals. This makes Sensordrone an "Easy Bluetooth Interface" for your project. First for Android, then for iOS and other platforms. We're making external expansion modules that will connect to the expansion connector. To give you a sneak peak, one expansion module we're working on is a complete air quality monitor for precision measurements of Carbon Dioxide (CO2), Carbon Monoxide (CO), Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2) & Ozone (O3).

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