Explore the essentials of Monet's Garden using NYBG in bloom app..

NYBG in Bloom App Featuring Monet's Garden

Monet’s Water Lilies collection is one of the few things in the universe that’s somehow unflappable in the face of extreme popularity. There’s some inherent beauty going on that you can’t be snobby about, one that’s basically exempt from parody

No matter where you are in New York City or even the world, the Garden's new app, NYBG In Bloom--produced in collaboration with The Metropolitan Museum of Art--allows you to explore the essential elements of Monet's Garden. Toggle between photos of the plants that make up the Garden's landmark exhibition and reproductions of Monet paintings in The Met's collection. Links to the The Met's website provide further insight into the artwork that was inspired by the Impressionist master's love of plants and his garden at Giverny.

The app is just downright functional, starting with an overhead view of the Garden, then touring the exhibits through audio clips that run while you flip through each area’s photographs. There are no virtual tour gimmicks--strange 3-D-ish panoramas--just straightforward content that’s explorable on a user’s terms. Then, when you’re done with the tour, you can look at Monet’s own paintings inspired by his garden--that’s the Met’s contribution.

But the most marketable feature of the app is probably its Impressionist Lens filter. Imagine Instagram by Monet and you’ll get an idea of the effect. Unfortunately, you can’t just save these photos to your phone outright. You need to email them to yourself and friends, each time you take them. It’s obviously an email-farming trick, but it also means the Garden is missing out on the potential to go viral with hashtag sharing on Twitter.

NYBG in Bloom includes:

• Walking tours
• Interactive map
• Special exhibition highlights
• Garden descriptions and photos
• Audio commentary
• Visitor Information

Feeling inspired? C'est bon! Pull up the Impressionist Lens feature within the app and start making your own photographic masterpieces in the style of Monet. Email your photographs to friends or share them on Twitter or Pinterest. And remember to tag them with #monetsgarden!

Tour stops throughout the Conservatory and in the Rondina Gallery--where two Monet paintings are on display--will provide additional images and information about the exhibition

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