"Tabbedout" an innovative app for payments at bars or restaurant

The New Frontier: Removing plastic from payments—securely and conveniently.

Eight years ago, Tabbedout co-founder and CEO Rick Orr found himself waiting nearly an hour to close out his bill at a restaurant. Orr realized there had to be a better way to improve the payment process—both for patrons and merchants-- at bars and restaurants.

Tabbedout is a secure and easy-to-use mobile payment solution that allows patrons to open, view and pay their tab with a smart phone—no more handing over a credit card to a server or bartender or leaving a credit card at the bar after a night on the town. Having come from the security software industry, Orr and Tabbedout co-founder and CTO Dave Lemley knew that security and convenience were the most critical factors in developing this innovative application. The team that built Tabbedout possesses deep domain knowledge and practical experience in the areas of consumer and enterprise software development, specifically in online identity security, payments/PCI-DSS, and point-of-sale software.

Credit and debit card payment information is stored securely on the phone, not on Tabbedout’s servers, and only the last four digits are displayed on the screen. A random secret code is displayed on the screen each time a tab is opened – that’s the only information that a user needs to provide their bartender or server. Tabbedout is securely integrated directly into the merchant’s point of sale (POS) system. Once a tab is opened, users can view the details of their tabs in real time for accuracy, and when they’re ready to leave, they simply enter a tip and pay with the press of a single button.

Tabbedout changes the way people pay at restaurants and bars. Gone are the days of handing over a credit card to someone you’ve never met. We put the power in the hands of the consumer in a device they own, giving them control over how and when they pay.

And the benefits extend to the venue as well. With the ability to open, view and pay tabs from the patron’s own smart phone, Tabbedout improves efficiency and security at the time of closeout, particularly during critical peak hours. This provides the opportunity for bars and restaurants to serve more people as quickly as possible and avoid walked checks, bringing more revenue to the bottom line.

Tabbedout is the changing the way people pay--no more plastic, no more waiting. Total freedom.
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