Technology News Headlines for June 27 2012 ( Wednesday )

Google's Nexus 7 Tablet Leaks Out At $199 And $249, Alongside Nexus Q Media Streamer
Via a URL-enabled tweak in Google's Android app market Play, it's been confirmed that Google really does have a Nexus-branded tablet on the way and it is indeed built by Asus and dubbed Nexus 7. The device pictured in the image is sporting a different flavor of Android that's expected to be revealed as Android 4.1 Jelly Bean at the imminent I/O event.

More information has surfaced, including the price of $199 for an 8GB version and $249 for a 16GB edition. It has a 1280 by 800 pixel IPS screen and packs GPS, Wi-Fi and NFC.

Meanwhile another leaked device, the Nexus Q, is a spherical home-media streaming server that'll stream content from the cloud, including video, to your home entertainment system--though it does have its own audio amplifier so you can hook speakers directly to it. It will sell for $299.

Sirius XM App Headed To Google TV
At Google's I/O event this week, Google is set to announce a new partnership with the Howard Stern and Sirius XM Radio. According to Reuters, all of Sirius XM's content will be accessible through Google TV devices, which already lets you plug into cable TV or stream videos off the Web. The Google TV's launch was met with a tepid response in the months since its launch, but Google it's plugging on, signing on new partners (the most recent of which is Vizio and it's $99 Co-Star) and beginning a global expansion with a first launch in the U.K. If Google is looking to make a strong comeback, Stern and the satellite radio operation have decent practice at that: Together they bounced back from near oblivion with a partnership with car makers in 2010.

Google's +1 Buttons Begin To Display Recommended Pages
Ahead of the Google I/O event kickoff, Google+ is sprucing up features on +1 buttons across websites. Engadget noticed that mouseovers of the +1 button now display page suggested pages on that domain or subdomain, based on the +1s of friends. On its developer blog, Google says the feature is active for websites that are part of its early-view "platform preview" program, but the change should be rolling out to all websites that carry the +1 button soon.

Apple Granted Preliminary Injunction For Galaxy Tab U.S. Ban
Apple has won big in its patent tussle with Samsung. Yesterday, a California judge granted Apple a preliminary injunction to stop the sale of Galaxy Tab 10.1 in the U.S., AllThingsDreports. The sales ban applies to Samsung's Galaxy Tab 10.1 but not to the recently unveiled 10.2, just like the German court that sided with Apple for a Galaxy 10.1 sales ban decided to allow the Galaxy Tab 10.1N. Samsung has already appealed the ruling.

Microsoft Loses European Antitrust Appeal, Faces $1 Billion Fine
Microsoft had been appealing an earlier European court's judgement that the company had deliberately squashed business rivals efforts by denying them access to interoperability within Windows, but that appeal is now over. The General Court of the European Union has decided that the judgement holds, and though it very slightly down-adjusted the earlier fine, the decision now means MS is on the hook for a €860 million ($1.075 billion) penalty fee. Microsoft's one recourse is a final appeal to the European Court of Justice. In its last quarterly finances, MS reported a net income of $5.1 billion dollars, meaning the fine is a significant one on the scale of the company's operations.
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