Wife forced to drink her urine by husband, demanding more dowry..OMG

Close on the heels of a girl child who was made to drink her urine as a punishment in Shantiniketan, a dentist, who suspected his wife’s fidelity, allegedly forced her to drink his urine. Unable to bear his torture, the 27-year-old woman has filed a case against him and her in-laws.

Sapna, a native of Davanagere, was married to Akash Raj, a dentist at Subramanyanagar in Puttur of Udupi district in June 2011. Sapna’s father, a businessman, had given one kg gold and five kg silver ornaments as dowry. But as they forced her to bring Rs 25 lakh more after the wedding and allegedly subjected her to cruelty, Sapna returned to her brother’s house in Nagarabhavi and filed a case with the Jnanabharathi police.

In the complaint, Sapna has alleged that the very next day after the wedding, Raj started to accuse her of running prostitution ring before the wedding. “He suspected my fidelity and warned me not to speak to any other men. On the same day, an electrician had come home for some repair work. That night, he asked me whether I had slept with the electrician. He also suspected me of having illicit affair with a neighbour. Every day, he checked the call details on my cellphone to check if I had an extra marital affairs,” she stated.

‘In-laws too involved’
“Even my parents-in-law, Vanita and Dharamaraj, sister-in-law Akshata and brother-in-law Anil Raj supported him and harassed me for more dowry. They demanded Rs 25 lakh to start a new clinic, but I did not ask my parents. Every day, he used to thrash me and threaten to kill me. Twice, I had returned to my parents and whenever I went to them, he would apologise and promised to change his behaviour. Trusting him, I used to return to him,” Sapna said.

"He told me that I was not beautiful and insulted me. He used to have sexual conversations with other women over the phone in front of me. Earlier this month, I was suffering from severe stomach ache during my menstrual cycle. He forcibly had an intercourse with me and made me drink his urine,” she alleged.

“Twice I had tried to commit suicide, but he foiled them. He had tried to set me ablaze but I managed to escape. After that, I started living with my brother and I was pregnant by that time. But, Raj came to my brother’s house in March and kicked me on my stomach, which resulted in an abortion,” Sapna said, adding, “Now, his family members are trying to get him married to another woman from Karkala and are threatening that they would kill me if I didn’t agree for a divorce.”

( The new indian express )
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