A. R Rahman's official Nimma Nimma song for London Olympics 2012, Lyrics, Download and more...

Although there was a lot of buzz, that A. R Rahman was composing song for London Olympics 2012 opening ceremony.People are eagerly awaited for another hit from A. R Rahman like "Jai Ho" from Slum dog Millionaire. The official London Olympics 2012 song Nimma Nimma was out and it hasn't been able to create buzz like "Jai Ho". Still a glimpse of the song for those who are die hard fans of A. R Rahman. Check it out

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Lyrics and meaning of Nimma Nimma song from London Olympics 2012 by A R Rahman and Jaspreet Jasz

Nimma Nimma Jogiya is a Desi Punjabi Bhangra track composed by AR Rahman. The song was part of medly played at London Olympics 2012 opening ceremony. The ceremony was directed by Danny Boyle.

Nimma Nimma is a full-on-Desi track which represents the Indian influence in UK. Nimma is sung and written by versatile vocalist Jaspreet Jasz who recently sung rap part of Dost Hain Hum Toh from AR Rahman musical Ek Deewana Tha.

Nimma Meaning:Nimma is Punjabi a word which means Little bit or Small.

Nimma Nimma Lyrics

Haisha… hoye nimma nimma
Haisha… hoye nimma nimma
Haisha… hoye nimma nimma Jogiya! [x2]

Nimma nimma hans de tu Jogiya
Kanni kach diyaan mundra tu paa
Haisha… oye nimma nimma
Haisha… oye nimma nimma

Je tu kar tere sang ik waar
Bas mainu miliya ae Rab tere naal
Nee tere nain sharabi (Haisha)
Nee tere gal gulabi (Haisha)

Tere ankhi jado tapeya kamaal
Nimma nimma hans de…

O nimma nimma
Oye nimma nimma
O nimma nimma… Jogiya

Haisha… Aye nimma nimma
Haisha… Aye nimma nimma
Haisha… Aye nimma nimma Jogiya!

Song Credits:

Music: AR Rahman
Lyrics: Jaspreet Jasz
Leading Vocals: Jaspreet Jasz
Backing Vocals: VJ, Nakash Aziz, Mohd. Salamat
Brass Section (Trumpet): Kishore Sodha
Additional Programming: Nakash Aziz
Mixing: Tony Joy, Sresh Permal, R. Nitish Kumar
Mastered by: R. Nitish Kumar
Produced by: KM Musiq
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