Ab tak three and still counting..West Bengal: Bulandshahr, Ballia & Barasat state government hospitals, where class IV employees treating patient.

As we know that medical sciences has been one of the toughest profession as to deal with human lives, but not in India anymore as Sweeper ( Class 4 Employees ) have been caught on camera performing the duties of doctors. It shows how cheap human lives in India as government doesn't care about people and talks big on reforms and FDI on the other hand. The flawed, corrupt malpractices in Health Care profession along with the commercialization of medical services have impaired systematic reforms at rural as well as urban areas. There have been a lot of criticism about how government dealing with health care in India as well as corrupt malpractices in Medical and Paramedical education and services, but It might take decade to change the system and make it oriented towards public health.

Few weeks ago, another shocking story regarding resistant bacterial infection ( superbugs ) spread across 40 nations from patients who got treatment in Indian Hospitals, It will dent global image of India as a country with affordable medicare and raise serious question about the healthcare industry.

Below are the three different incidents in three different hospitals of West Bengal, where class IV employees caught treating patients. Ab tak three and still counting

West Bengal, Barasat State General Hospital, a third hospital,where class IV employee treating patient,despite the presence of Doctor.

In yet another case of hospital apathy in West Bengal, a woman with a fractured leg was attended to by a grade IV non-medical staff member in the Barasat State General Hospital, despite the doctor being present at the emergency ward.

Farhana Khatun's leg was plastered by a Class IV non-medical staff member, even though Doctor SP Sardar was present at the time.

Another outsider in the room, Abdul Rafique was caught on camera removing plaster from a child's arm with a sharp knife.

A Class IV non-medical staff member of the Barasat State General hospital was seen plastering the leg of a patient.

Additionally, the patient Farhana Khatun was asked to bring in her own people to help get her plaster done.

Another Government Hospital in Ballia UP, India exposed where sweeper working as a doctor.

Uttar Pradesh's healthcare system stands exposed. After Bulandshahr, it is now a government hospital in Ballia, where a sweeper was found attending to patients in the emergency ward.

The sweeper, Rajkumar, was found administering stitches to patients in the emergency ward.

That's not all. Even the pharmacist was injecting patients. And there was no sign of a doctor anywhere.

When asked, all the Chief Medical Superintendent would say was that sweepers are not allowed to give injections, and that strict action would taken against those guilty.

"Sweepers are not allowed to treat patients. I condemn it if such practices are taking place in the Ballia Hospital," he said.

The sweeper Rajkumar, meanwhile, admitted that they administer stitches and injections to patients. And that they do it at the doctors' behest.

"I'm a sweeper at the hospital. When there are a lot of patients, I assist the doctor with stitches and injections," he says.

Clearly the cases at Ballia and Bulandhshahr may not be isolated. The fear is that UP's health services are just as bad and crumbling in other districts.

Check out the latest shocking news story from Government Hospital, Uttar Pradesh India

The poor state of healthcare services in a government hospital in Bulandshahr in Uttar Pradesh has been exposed. The hospital has 23 trained doctors but a sweeper was caught giving stitches to a patient. The video also shows a ward boy administering tetanus shots to another patient.

What's more shocking is that all this took place under the watch of the Hospital Chief Medical Officer. District health officials claim that the staff seen in the video are Operation Theatre attendants and not janitors.

Uttar Pradesh Health Minister Ahmed Hasan has now ordered a probe into the incident.

Chief Medical Officer SHS Danu said, "Sometimes there is a situation when there is nobody to attend to the patients, so they sometimes help with the distribution of medicines. I don't know whether sweepers give stitches to patients."

The incident raises certain big questions:

- Why didn't anyone stop the sweeper from treating the patient?

- Why was the Chief Medical Superintendent watching the sweeper play a doctor?

- How was a sweeper allowed to be present during treatment on the operation theatre?

- Where were the doctors when the sweeper was treating the patients?

UpdateThe Chief Medical Superintendent of the Bulandshahr government hospital has defended the action saying that no janitor or sweeper administered injections as reported by the media.

The hospital CMS Shishir Kumar said, "The person in the footage is an Operation Theatre assistant and it is a part of his job to help out with this under the doctor's supervision."

He defended the incident saying that it was a case of emergency and the whole manpower had to be brought into action. "The main priority was to save lives as 11 critical patients were brought in one go after an accident," he said.

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