Anna Hazare Fast: How it can be seen by common man

View1 : Anna Hazare's fast entered third day with normal health. In a statement from government authority, it has been mentioned that "Government will act, if Anna Hazare's health fails" But the question is why government is waiting for Anna Hazare's health to fail. Is government playing game with Team Anna, that Anna Hazare's health deteriorate and then it might debate the strong LokPal Bill for few weeks and then everything will be in air like last time. It might be a bad politics of India that suppose Anna Hazare might get close to end of his life, then only government will start discussion about his demand and the final verdict might be something like this. You will end up loosing Anna Hazare's life and movement will be vanished in air. To show little sympathy, government and politicians might start debating Lokpal Bill and few weeks later when everyone back to their routine. We will be still waiting for another Anna Hazare to start the movement again. Isn't it true?
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