GiraDora, world's first human-powered, economic washer and spin dryer

What is GiraDora project ?

GiraDora, a leg-powered washing and drying device, makes it easier, faster, and safer to wash clothes.GiraDora is the world's first human-powered washer and spin dryer designed specifically for people living on $4-10 per day to increase efficiency and improve the experience of hand-washing clothes. Its innovative design combats several health problems such as chronic lower back pain, tenosynovitis, and respiratory problems such as Asthma associated with mold. It also allows the user to begin to break the cycle of poverty by providing income generating solutions.

GiraDora is a blue bucket that conceals a spinning mechanism that washes clothes and then partially dries them. It’s operated by a foot pedal, while the user sits on the lid to stabilize the rapidly churning contents. Sitting alleviates lower-back pain associated with hand-washing clothes, and frees up the washer to pursue other tasks. It’s portable, so it can be placed nearby a water source, or even inside on a rainy day. It reduces health risks like joint problems, skin irritation, and mold inhalation. Most importantly, it uses far less water and cleans clothes faster than conventional hand-washing.

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