Tellurex tPOD5: a smart portable green thermoelectric power generator

Introducing the tPOD5 to the world…

…off-grid or denied-grid thermoelectric Power On Demand.

…eco-friendly, multi-functional, portable, dependable, and durable.

A device which generates electricity from heat and easy to carry with.

tPod is developed Tellurex, it is a rugged, portable and packable five-watt “stove top” thermoelectric generator for direct off-grid charging of smartphone batteries, computer tablets, rechargeable storage batteries, and other small electronic devices that accept USB cables.

tPod5 ready for shipments

Available for shipment this summer, the device is called the Tellurex tPOD5™ and is packaged with a five-volt USB standard computer cable. The unit produces sufficient electricity to power a smartphone in real time during voice calls, texting, GPS mapping, email messaging or game playing. Or, it can be used to recharge a depleted battery in the smartphone, tablet or any other electronic device that accepts a USB cable.

The rugged tPOD5 can be placed directly over a standard camping stove or stove top burner and within five minutes will generate a steady five watts of charge through a USB cable that in turn plugs into a rechargeable electronic device.

The tPOD5 is a self-contained thermoelectric generator that may be placed on top of any type of cook or camp stove and will produce a continuous five watts of power within five minutes of activation. The unit is light in weight, small in size, easy to carry, good for backpack, camping or outdoors activity.

Because of its rugged engineering, the Tellurex tPOD5 can be kept over a camp stove for hours and can also be used to charge one USB connectable device after another.

The tPOD5 generates twenty times more electrical current flow than its smaller sibling, the tPOD1™ (Patent Pending), but it is dependent on having access to an independent heat source, such as a camp or kitchen stove. The Tellurex tPOD1 tea candle-powered generator now in development will be shipped with its own fuel supply, making it a fully integrated, free-standing electrical generator but with less electrical output.

Long-term portable electrical power for connectivity or light-weight package power for emergencies and outdoors convenience, Tellurex makes the choice of off-grid connectivity yours.

About Tellurex 

Tellurex Corporation, a certified ISO9001-2008 company with a long history in research and development of thermoelectric semi-conductor materials, is dedicated to producing a born and made in Traverse City, Michigan USA product. As participants in a Michigan Economic Development Corporation program for job growth, we are committed to creating jobs in the US and in particular the state of Michigan. In our 20,000 square foot manufacturing facility and with our team of employees, we have the floor space, knowledge, skill and expertise to make this a reality. The Tellurex business plan for the tPOD1 incorporates globally sourced components, with a US preference for critical components. Our skilled labor force will perform quality inspection on incoming components and then complete the assembly, testing, packing and shipping of devices in and from Traverse City, Michigan.
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