Technology News Headlines for May 18 2012 ( Friday )

Facebook Acquires Karma
Because simply having the largest IPO in U.S. history isn't enough for Facebook, the social network also went shopping. The social gifting mobile app called Karma is announcing that it has been acquired by Facebook. The company's cofounders, including Lee Linden, one of Fast Company's Most Creative People of 2012, says that the app will continue to operate as is. Facebook's interest in Karma is probably due to its expertise in mobile, an area that the social network knows it must master and figure out how to monetize.

Twitter Partners With NASCAR For Live Coverage Of All-Star Races
Twitter and NASCAR announced a digital partnership Friday that will bring NASCAR enthusiasts the tweet-by-tweet of the Pocono 400 race on the weekend of June 10. Twitter will curate #NASCAR tweets from drivers and commentators, as well as celebrities and fans. Twitter users watching the races on TNT will get in-depth coverage of events on the racetrack and in the garage. Twitter also recently posted a job listing for a Sports Editorial Associate Producer, showing continued interest in ramping up its sports coverage.

Twitter Using Social Info From The Web To Recommend Follows For You
Yesterday evening Twitter revealed a new service to its millions of users: Suggested follows. It's an expansion of its current recommendation engine that simply shows the same list to new joiners to Twitter, and it's rolling out in an number of countries around the world as an experiment to both new joiners and current users. The system uses information from the "Twitter ecosystem" to populate these lists, which means Twitter is harvesting social information about its visitors from the greater web via Twitter buttons and widgets. This is interesting news because it points to a future where Twitter leverages its social data in the way Facebook and Google do now. Sensitive to the kinds of privacy messes these rival firms have got into, Twitter has implemented a "do not track" system alongside the new service so you can opt out.
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