Search Engines Beyond Google, Bing and Yahoo !

Top 10 Search Engine beyond Google, Bing & Yahoo From its appearance seems to be a Google-like full-fledged search engine, but its strength lies elsewhere. It is said to be the first crawler based search engine developed completely in India and designed to make search simple for Indian users. (Torrent search): Traffic driven by torrents hog a huge amount of bandwidth on the Internet and one of the best BitTorrent search engines around is isoHunt. isoHunt tracks the major BitTorrent websites to keep its index updated One of the most reliable Q&A websites around, has been answering questions since 2005. Available in a number of languages is also one of the most popular websites in the world

Wolfram|Alpha (Answer engine): Wolfram|Alpha long-term goal is "to make all systematic knowledge immediately computable and accessible to everyone." The website is doing a good job of what it has set out to do, provide instantaneous answers.

Pipl (People search): If you are looking for people, Google is not always the best option. Pipl does it better, it only searches for people. You can get more focused on your ego surfing trip with

Yummly (Food search): One thing that people who love to cook search for the most is recipes and Yummly is a site focuses on recipe search. That's not all, you can also search within 424,000 recipes by their calorie and nutritional count, tastes, courses and more. Founded in 2007, Scour was originally named, which aims to deliver the most relevant results as efficiently as possible. By providing a platform for the user to vote and comment on relevancy, searchers connect with one another creating a true social search community. Powered by Metasearch technology, Dogpile fetches all the best results from leading search engines including Google, Yahoo! and Bing. Goby is a search engine that lets you explore new things to do with your free time, from a weekend adventure to the vacation of a lifetime. Launched in April 2006, it is a license-specific photo search engine. It search millions of freely licensed photos, from many sources, and present in an integrated search.
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