Do you think Aamir Khan should apologize for accusing and exposing malpractices of doctors?

Aamir Khan was asked for apology for accusing doctors of malpractices in his TV talk show 'Satyamev Jayate'. Is he doing something wrong?  If we see the highlights of the points in his fourth episode, it is mainly indicating what is actually happening in the society in more or less amount. He has tried to gather proofs and exposed them amongst general public. People who involved in pharmaceutical manufacturing or trading business knew better that everything shown in the episode was true. Doctors are getting different kind of perks from the pharmaceutical companies to promote their products. Pharmaceutical companies offers a foreign trip to some expensive gadgets, sometimes cash as well.

We have consulted few small business owners, who have started pharmaceutical business recently. If they want to promote their medicines, they need to offer some kind of perks or offers or sometimes cash  commission. If doctor convinced with his share, then your product will be prescribed by doctors and pharmacy shop will sell it. The shocking thing is doctor's commission varies from 30% to 50 % of retailer price, which is very high. All the burden is included in MRP of the products as 30 % of doctors' commission and 30% of retailer's discount. Retailers' are doing business so he can ask for his margins, but doctors are charging fees to the patients and writing only those medicines, from which they get maximum commission irrespective of how much it will hurt to patients in terms of money. They want to  get rich in any case. Big companies offers big perks like holiday trips and electronic gadgets. While small companies need to compete with big companies not in terms of quality but in terms of doctors' share. The end result is patients always suffering after paying higher cost for medicines and doctors' consulting fees.
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