"Simple.TV" a new cordless TV technology might be a breakthrough !

Amazing, free, HDTV is all around us.

Most Americans have access to the major networks – ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, CW, PBS – with a simple HD antenna. Yet most of us pay a fortune every year just so the cable companies can deliver it to us in our living rooms. But we’re not watching all our shows in the living room anymore, our lives are mobile; We’re watching TV shows on our iPads and our laptops... in the airport… our favorite coffeeshops... at our friend’s apartment… in the back seat of the car.

Why can’t we get all that great free content onto our iPad, Roku, Apple TV, Roku Box, Mac, connected TV? Why isn’t there a DVR app that lets you watch and record all the live TV and primetime shows you can’t get on Hulu, Netflix, or other Internet services?

That’s what we asked ourselves last year. And over the past 12 months, we made one. Actually, we made a home-based DVR that you control with an app and that you can watch nearly anywhere.

The DVR for our connected TV world - Simple.TV.

What is Simple.TV?
Simple.TV isn’t your standard DVR. It doesn’t plug into your TV set. And it won’t let you get encrypted cable or satellite TV. What it will do is capture free-to-air broadcast TV or basic cable shows and make them available on all your favorite connected screens – inside your house, or on the road. And up to five family members can watch Simple.TV simultaneously. Anytime you want to watch your favorite shows, Simple.TV will serve it up, wherever you are, and on nearly any screen you can get your hands on.

With Simple.TV, you can cut your cable bill and take advantage of all of the amazing HDTV that virtually all of us get for free.

How does it work?
Simple.TV captures live TV from its antenna/cable input, encodes it into variable bit-rate video, and stores it on a USB hard drive that you provide (network attached storage will be supported down the line).

It’s easy—
Plug in your antenna
Connect a USB hard drive
Connect to your network
Power it up

After set up, download the Simple.TV app on any number of your connected devices (or access via browser) and you’ll be ready to start watching and recording live TV. It’s... simple!

App and Browser Support
Simple.TV is designed to work with modern HTML-5 browsers like Firefox, Chrome, and Safari. We also have dedicated apps for iOS and the Roku media streamer. Additional custom apps are in the pipeline as well - tell us where you want to watch your favorite TV shows. Boxee? Google.TV?

When we ship, you'll be able to watch TV on your iPad, PC, Mac or Roku box.

Simple.TV allows up to five simultaneous connections so your family can all log in and watch live TV or recorded shows. Everyone can watch live TV at the same time, as long as it’s the same channel. When watching recorded shows, up to five different programs can be streamed at once.
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